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Cleaner Greener Lincoln

LiveWe know that people want to live in Lincoln, raise their families here, invest in businesses here, spend their leisure time here…and maybe even brag to their friends about life in Lincoln.

We know it's because of our high quality of life. People in Lincoln are concerned about the health of our environment and have a shared belief in environmental stewardship.
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Renovating an Architectural Wonder

When construction first started on the VaseNebraska State Capitol in 1922, President Warren G. Harding had just installed the first radio in the White House, prohibition was underway, and construction on the original Yankee Stadium began. Read more ...

Downtown Lincoln

It's dawn. The sun has yet to breach the horizon and downtown Lincoln is still blanketed with a lavender and soft orange hue.

A breeze rambles down the quiet streets and cues the trees to ebb and flow like an angelic puppeteer. The place is frozen in tranquility. As the sun continues its ascent, light floods down every corridor and 'open' signs that hang in the windows of some of downtown Lincoln's most frequented morning hangouts begin to flicker on.
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Coffee Buzz

Lincolnites are treated to more than their share of exceptional coffeehouses, sprinkled here and there throughout the city.

If you're a coffee lover, however, there's one intersection that you simply must head to first: 8th and P in the Haymarket. There, three of Lincoln's finest java joints peacefully coexist. Read more ...

Twitter Inventor has Roots in Lincoln

Born and bred in Nebraska, Evan Williams is one of the innovators who has had a hand in changing the way we communicate online.

Williams has already created two of the Internet's top ten websites: Blogger and Twitter. Business Week Magazine named Williams one of the 25 Most Influential People on the Web, stating,"Williams has a knack for figuring out how people want to keep in touch — even before they seem to know it themselves."
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