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Tom... I was born and raised in Huskerville on the Midwestern plains of North America. I am presently commuting between Sri Lanka and North America with occasional excursions elsewhere as duty calls.

I have always been a sucker for natural beauty reflecting the purity of more subtle realities… the ease and flow of graceful movement, effortless power in true athleticism, indigenous people who fit their settings, ambient light, singing birds, rolling thunder, majestic splendor. In all my shooting I hunt for balance and true connection – identifiable and recordable. I love the process of creating beautiful photographs of the highest quality and seeing how things come together. For me, it’s a dance… Moments fleet.


This Website... The purpose of this website is to display my shooting style and allow visitors to browse through a collection of some of my shots. The ‘Latest and Greatest’ and ‘Gallery’ pages are for your viewing pleasure, and are occasionally updated. The ‘Image Bank’ page is arranged according to designated categories.

It is probably apparent that one of my main interests is shooting people in various settings. I do trade photos for modeling if the rapport is good and if collaborating suits us both. Please give a call or contact me through the ‘Contact’ page.

Arrangements for shooting assignments can also be made by contacting me through the numbers on the ‘Contact’ page.

I have a photo related blog at Feel free to comment on that site or contact me directly at my designated email address.


Purchasing... All of the images on this website are copyrighted and can only be used, copied or reproduced by permission or through purchasing. Some specific images will require special permission. If you want to purchase books or images seen on this site, please designate details and contact me through the ‘Contact’ page. Pricing is negotiable depending on the specific shot, the number of images desired and the intended purpose for use.